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Dating Advice for Women: Ladies, What You Really Need to Be Doing to Get Your Guy!

Dating can be a major issue especially for women, who are looking out to find decent guys to date. With so much modern techniques come up, like online dating services, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right match for a woman who is looking out for genuine dates.

Here are a few pointers, for women seeking to find a good date:

  • Always wait for the man to make the first move
  • This is because you do not want to give them an impression that you are desperately in need of a date
  • Or even worse that you are not able to find one
  • All you can do is present yourself amazingly well to seem absolutely irresistible to guys
  • If you are using any kind of a dating service make sure that it’s a reliable one
  • So that you don’t end up with a potentially harmful guy
  • Even while using an online dating service
  • Try not to give too much details on your personal life to any guy during a chat session
  • You may never know the
  • Guy you have just met from an online dating service may or may not have a disturbing personality, which could prove to be fatal.

Hence be very careful about it. During your first date, try not to wear an outfit that is very intimidating or too revealing. This may give your date a wrong impression about you. Pick up intelligent topics to discuss during your date.

This would definitely impress the guy . Don’t reveal too much about yourself, and also refrain from asking extremely personal questions about him. Finally, at the end of the date, display a body language through which you could express yourself in a very subtle manner that you liked him and would accept a second date if offered by him.

Don’t pull yourself too away from him, this would make him feel that you aren’t interested in him at all, and at the same time do not put yourself completely out there. A quick peck on the cheek could be a gentle way of conveying your feelings at that point, and he would understand.

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